Thursday, June 24, 2010

Small All-Purpose Bag

I am taking a class of patchwork and quilting with Thai teacher online. It is fun and joyful. I found my teacher on Thai web blog. She is so nice and generous. The bag we are making can carry our wallet and mobile phone. Let´s learn together with me here.

Step 1, start with making the pattern.

- Cut the paper with the size of 18 x 30 cm. and another one is 9 x 9.5 cm.

Step 2, Cut the fabrics.

- Select the fabric of your choice, but it is better cotton because this work we will quilt by hands!
- Cut the fabrics for outside part with 2 cm larger than the pattern.
- Cut the fabrics for lining with 1 cm larger than the outside fabric.
- Cut the polyester with the same size of the lining fabrics.

Step 3, Quiting

- Let´s quilt as you like

Step 4, Lockstitch

- Cut the work to the same size of the pattern.
- And let´s stitch the edges as shown in the picture.

Step 6, Make a small fabric inside our bag

- Cut the fabric with the size of 14x20 cm
- Fold half in the length
- Sticth it and attach in the inner part of our bag

Step 7, Assemble the bag
- Find the middle point
- Pin both of the side part with the middle point
- Stitch all together
- Lockstitch

Step 8, Put the zipper and finish!

It´s ready to use now...enjoy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Biggggg Project!!!

I finally did a big project!

This blanket is still I made by hand!! The size is 180x150 cm. I spent 2 months for this project. I had started to sew after the big earthquake in Chile. The blanket helps me a lot to release my stress from the movement of aftershock! I also quilt by hand. It is unbelievably exhausted and pain all my hands and arms. However, after finished this work I am so pround of myself!

This blanket made of two tone color, one sise is brown and the other side is pink.

Happy sewing!!

Small reversable bag

I was practicing to create a small. And this is another hand sewing.

I use the fabric given by my mother-in-law to creat this cute small bag. At that moment I did not have other I just made a tiny fabric as a wire to close the bag. I use it when go out to supermartket near home. It is good enough to put my wallet, moblie phone and home keys.

Inside out version

Happy sewing!!!!

Square Patchwork Pillow Case

I am falling in love with sewing. It started from my mother-in-law, she is my first teacher! Special thanks to her.

The first project I made was by hand because at that moment I still did not have sewing machine. Pillow case is my choice. It is just a simple square patchwork. I finished 3 of them and they look nice on the black sofa at home!